Contact us and we will go through your land and build expectations with you. Once you pay a non-refundable deposit we will provide you with a fixed price tender and contract.

Each knockdown rebuild project is unique, and the costs are dependent on your site conditions, demolition and site reclamation, construction materials, and interior/exterior fixtures and inclusions. A basic home on a standard block of land typically begins at an average of $1800 per/sqm. Custom homes with luxury inclusions and high-end materials can cost upwards of $3000 per/sqm.

Yes. Zee Builders is committed to transparency, and we do our best to include every aspect of costs associated with your build. Before we finalise our tender, we will provide a detailed quote outlining ALL included and excluded design features and contracted site services, including bulk excavation, all-weather site access, sediment control measures, site signage, soil removal, site waste removal, and connection of authority services such as gas, power, and NBN.
To ensure you maintain your budget, Zee Builders recommends that you establish a minimum 30% budget buffer for unforeseen circumstances.

As the homeowner, you are responsible for arranging the demolition of your home. Demolition must be completed by an insured and licensed demolition contractor. For Zee Builders to proceed with your rebuild, we need a Clearance Certificate from your demolition contractor. Our consultants can refer you to our preferred demolition contractors for more information.

The cost of demolishing your existing home varies based on factors such as the size of your house, building materials used, site access, presence of hazardous materials, asbestos removal, tree removal, the proximity of nearby buildings, and any temporary fencing needed to cordon off your property. Removal of existing permanent fencing is another associated cost of demolition. Demolition services are typically in the $20,000 range for an average-sized home in Sydney.

No. The cost of tree removal is not included in your tender estimate. Depending on the size of the trees, you may need to contact your local council for a tree removal permit. All necessary permits must be in place and obstructive trees removed before we can access your site and begin construction.

Yes. Certain properties have specific considerations that need to be approved by your local council. Once you commit to a request for tender, Zee Builders can conduct a site inspection and apply for specialised zoning permits such as a 149 Certificate.

From building design to council approval, the pre-construction stage typically takes between 4 and 6 months. Prior to the pandemic, Zee Builders would guarantee project completion within 7 months. However, due to the large backlog of projects before council and current building material and labour shortages, construction may take upwards of 12 months. Zee Builders is committed to transparency—we will be honest and upfront about your project’s progress and keep you updated throughout your entire home building journey.

No. Homeowners are responsible for contracting their own driveway and landscaping services.